Services offered

The period of 0 to 6 years is crucial, that is when the child builds his personality through experience on the environment, which should be adapted to his needs. In a Montessori school, your child will learn to develop his logical thinking and satisfy his need to be in touch with reality. Montessori children are better able to meet the challenges of tomorrow's world.

Educational program

Montessori material is not intended to transmit knowledge but rather to help children's intellectual development. It provides a stimulus capable of capturing their attention and inducing a form of natural concentration. Children use the materials to develop coordination, attention to detail and good work habits.

Age group: 18 months and older

We have an MFA permit to accommodate 28 children between the age of 3 and 6. Our multi-age group of 28 children (real CASA Montessori Class) is made up of pre-kindergarten and kindergarten children. We have 4 teachers trained Montessori International as well as the English and Sport Programme.